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2019 Request For Proposals – Special Projects funding

The OOS is now accepting proposals for 2019 Special Projects Funding:


The Oklahoma Ornithological Society’s Special Projects awards provide funding to students at any level, faculty researchers, and individuals or civic groups proposing to do work that aligns with our general mission to promote the “observation, study, and conservation” of birds in Oklahoma.


Proposals will be judged by a committee of OOS members who will rank overall merit based on professionalism of presentation, articulation of the question or need the proposal addresses, and significance of the work to Oklahoma ornithology. To apply, prepare a written proposal in MS Word, double-spaced, using 11-pt or larger font, and with a maximum length of 3 pages (not including lit cited and budget).  Present the information in the following order:


  • name, institution, and contact information for the applicant
  • title
  • introduction and justification
  • clear statement of objectives
  • study area and methods description
  • anticipated results
  • literature cited
  • itemized budget of expenses for which the funds will be used

Finally, to better illustrate the need for OOS support, please indicate the approximate amount of funding from all sources that has already been secured to conduct the proposed research in one of the four following categories:

  1. 0% - there is no funding currently available to do the proposed research
  2. more than 0% but less than 50%
  3. more than 50% but less than 100%
  4. 100% - support from the OOS would be supplemental


Applicants may request support in any amount up to $500. The deadline for submission is 5 pm on March 1st. All applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision in approximately one month's time.

Proposals should be sent as an email attachment to Mr. Don Glass:

Applicants for whom email submission is impracticable should contact Mr. Glass via telephone at 918-343-7701.

The membership of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society invests a significant proportion of the annual budget in its commitment to fund Special Projects.  Applicants who receive Special Projects funding for research projects are expected to prepare a manuscript of the work for publication in the Society’s journal, the Bulletin of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society and/or deliver a presentation of the work as part of the scientific program at our Fall Annual Meeting, usually held in October. Recipients of funding for non-research projects are expected to summarize their projects in a submission to our newsletter, The Scissortail, and are also invited to deliver a presentation at an annual fall meeting.




Scissortail Flycatcher photo courtesy of Bill Horn
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