An independent, non-profit educational organization founded in 1951 and dedicated to the observation, study, and conservation of birds.


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About the Oklahoma Ornithological Society

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The OOS is an independent, non-profit educational organization founded in 1951 and dedicated to the observation, study, and conservation of birds. Its diverse membership, which includes individuals of all ages, is composed of both beginning birders and professional ornithologists. The observation and study of birds is a prominent example of a scientific field in which amateurs have made major contributions. As a member of the OOS, you will have many unique opportunities to cultivate your interest in birds.

Participate in field trips led by experts who can give guidance in the identification, behavior and biology of birds found in the varied habitats of Oklahoma.

Observe and photograph live birds in the hand, and learn of their local movements and general migratory patterns from experienced birders.

Attend both the annual spring field meeting, held during the height of migration at ornithologically interesting sites, and the yearly fall paper session at which scientific studies on Oklahoma birds are presented. Each meeting normally features a banquet with an invited guest speaker of national or regional note, as well as local field trips.

Enjoy and learn from the Bulletin of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society, which publishes scientific papers and noteworthy observations having to do with Oklahoma's birds. The Bulletin is issued quarterly and is sent to each member.

Keep abreast of interesting activities through The Scissortail, also published quarterly and sent to every member. It contains notification of semi-annual meetings, field trips, bird banding sessions, and lists recent bird records approved by the OOS Bird Records Committee. Reviews of new bird books, general interest articles and other information on birds also appear regularly in this newsletter.

Members receive the Official Checklist of the Birds of Oklahoma.

The OOS Date Guide to the Occurrences of Birds in Oklahoma is available to members at a nominal price. Periodically updated, it gives known distribution and normal times of occurrence for each Oklahoma bird species.


OOS Executive Committee

President Bill Diffin
President-elect Jeff Tibbits
Past President Jimmy Woodard
Secretary Doug Wood
Treasurer Nadine Varner
Business Manager Mickle Duggan
Membership/Circulation Linda Adams
Awards Jim Deming
Web Site Chris Butler
Special Projects Don Glass
Conservation Mark Howery
Archives Claudia Glass
Bulletin editors Gene Young
Scissortail editor Deanne Hardy McKinney
OBRC chair Joe Grzybowski
Activities Rebecca Renfro




Scissortail Flycatcher photo courtesy of Bill Horn
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